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Monday, April 5, 2010

Martian man

Here is an activity that you can use to help your child develop their Phonemic Awareness better. The grade level is k-1st; this would work for older students that struggle as well.


This is called Martian Man. You will need a puppet to help you out with this, because the puppet speaks (stretching out the words) and your child will translate what the "Martian Man" said. If you don't have a puppet a simple one made out of a small paper bag will work.


1st you need to introduce the puppet to your child and tell them that he/she speaks a different language but that they will be able to speak the language soon.


2nd the "Martian Man will say words that are exaggerated and stretched out. For example: Man—the Martian Man will say



Make sure that the sounds that the letters make are really pronounced well.


Your child will then quickly say the word, man. This will show that your children know the sounds and able to blend them together. This activity may be done in school, and that is ok because the more reinforcement your child gets the better.

Remember to use smaller words at first and words that your child knows. Words that have 2-3 sounds are great words to start with.


Here is a list of some simple words that you can use.


Man can cab dog cat sat ran up at had van car jar fat mad ball hall drag


Have fun.




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