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Friday, April 9, 2010

Sight Words

There are words in the English language that just can't be sounded out to say them right (well ok some you can), but we all need to learn to read them by sight. These words are called sight words. These words we just have to learn to recognize them when we are reading and know what they are, hence Sight Words.


Here are some of the first words that really need to be known by sight.


a                  are            who                                       

and              be             have                                      

look            came          out                                                 

me              do                                                                   
my              get                                                                 
said            no                                                             
the             like                                                              

to              our                                                              
we            saw

you          there

These my be repeats but are High Frequency Words.    Which are the same as sight words.
High Frequency meaning that they will come across these words a lot when they read, so they really need to know them.

 it              on           is           red          or            to 
and           for          no          so           mom        in 
with         dog         not         like          not          said 
love         will          my         we          dad          big
by           was         do          look        here

There are many sight words but here is the most common ones that are learned or need to be learned.


Great Learning to you



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