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Monday, March 15, 2010

Boys and Girls are different

Yes boys and girls are really different in their ability to learn and when they start making progression in their learning ability. My wife was very concerned with our son and if he needs extra help since he is one of the lowest in his class. (This was something that his teacher offered if we wanted, yes she left it up to us to decide. She didn't think that he was so far behind that he had to have it. We said that we would work with him, and he is now showing progression.) But this (lowest in his class) is because he is one of the youngest, which really makes a difference with boys and their learning abilities. My little girl right now at age 2 is far more advanced than my boy was at that age. Girls always seen to be a little more advanced and mature than boys, and yes even at a young age it happens. So if your little boy seems to be behind he really could be behind and needs help, but also his mental ability hasn't developed enough to really make strides in his education. so just be patient and help him out at home.

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