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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Files for you to have

     I am putting together some pdf files of activities and homework help that you can print off or use on your computer to help your child.  They will be for different subject.  This is something that I wish I would have had easier so that I didn't have to look around or make them.  Most I have been making for my son. Now they will be in 1 easy location to find.  If there is something that you would like let me know and I will research that or make one up for you.  Multiplication tables, literacy info whatever it may be. 

     I will also be making a list of some of the best websites that I have found that will help your child have fun while learning.  Here's one right now.

     Here is a fun book that we have been reading to our kids.   "The Extraordinary Adventures of Ordinary Basil"  by Wiley Miller.   It really has been fun reading.

Great learning to you.


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