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Friday, March 12, 2010

Time with our Children

Today I was subbing, and in the class that I was in there are 4 kids that have some real problems at times. They have a tracker that you have to fill in every half an hour on how well they were. You know, some of that is the students themselves and you really need to work with them in trying to provide the very best environment for them. Sometimes that is hard, other times its not to bad when you are able to get a good relation with the student. But a lot of the times it is the environment that is at home. That might sound harsh, but it is so true.

Even tiny little things that we as adults don't think have much impact, really affect our children. At times I can see this with my kids, not to say I am a terrible parent. Kids truly are sensitive to a lot of things that us as adults have become numb to. Time that we spend with our kids is truly one of the best things that we can do to help our children succeed. I mean true time that we spend with our kids, one on one real meaningful time, time that our children think is the best.

My son is really into his Dad right now and when I don't give him some of the individual time that he needs , it almost seems like he feels that he is not as important to me. (And yes sometimes this impacts how he feels about his homework, does he want to do it or not, or how he does it when he does.) Even little time like doing the chores outside means the world to him. And little things like that can mean the world to our kids and make a world of a difference in how they feel at school and their success.

True Time to our Kids


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