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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Not My Blog

I just want to keep fresh in you minds that this blog is yours.  And the majority of what is discussed is controlled by you.  So tell your friends and family that this blog is here, so I can put this blog to true use by helping you understand and give ideas on how to help you help your children with their school work at home.  The help that we are giving our boy has helped so much.  Just this morning he was reading some books that he could not have read a couple of months ago.  These books don't have 4-5 words on them,  it's more like 15-20 words per page.    It is truly  amazing to watch and listen to him read.  I love it, and didn't think that a kindergartener could read that much by the end of the year, cause I don't think that I was reading that much by the end of kindergarten.  Well remember this is your blog, so make it yours and ask questions.

Great learning to you.


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