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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Topic Rotation

This blog is for you and your questions. How can I help my child with their math homework? How can I help my kid with their reading? Yes I could just answer questions like this, but why I am doing this blog is for you, so for this blog to truly be effective for you, and be the type of blog I would like, I need questions to answer and then research if I don't know the answer. When I don't have questions I think that I am going to set up a schedule with educational tips and insights to help you help your kids with their homework at home.

So starting in April this will be the rotation.

Topic rotation

1st month--Literacy,

2nd month--Math,

3rd month--Science,

4th--The Arts (music, drama, art)

5th month--General help for you at home.

This is going to be the rotation with the topics that I post about. In addition to the questions that you ask. So yes these topics will be posted as well as your questions.

Great learning to you


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