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Monday, March 29, 2010

I Hate Math

"Mom I don't want to do my Math homework.

" I HATE Math."


Does your kid ever say that. Well I know that there are a lot of kids that say they hate math, or english (I was one of those, well I didn't really hate english, it just wasn't my favorite) or any other subject. The reason that certain subjects are hated is because the learner doesn't understand the topic. If the topic were understood it would be easy. Why do us as parents say that we can't help with their math homework, "It was to long ago." Well if it was understood we would easily help with their homework.


What about basketball or football or any other sport? What about sewing, crocheting, knitting? What about reading? Most people that I know that don't like reading are not good readers and the ones that love to read can read fairly well. Same with sports or sewing or anything. The main reason that someone doesn't like something is probably because they really don't understand the topic. For sports if someone got to understand it and watched it they would most likely not hate it any more because they would understand it better. Same with math or any school topic. If the time was taken to learn the rules the certain topic would become understandable, and easier to do.


Another thing that damages our kids is our attitudes toward their schooling. Yes our attitudes.


"O man, I'm not that good with math, I don't know if I can help with that." Things of that nature. So our kids grow up thinking "Man I'm not good with math." or any other subject.


Yes we are good because we are parents and we want our kids growing up thinking that they can accomplish anything that they want to do.


Great learning to you.




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