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Friday, March 19, 2010

Do you know how your Kids learn?

We as parents need to realize that there are multiple intelligences, meaning that there are different ways that we learn. We are going to discuss multiple intelligences in depth more another time, but what I want to discuss now is a little less in depth. So getting on with it. Some learn best with hands on. Others learn best if they can visually see what they are doing and learning. Some learn best audibly. I have learned through trial and error how my son best learns. (And I guess that is how all of us will and have learned how our child learns best.) He is a mover. The way that he best learns is by moving, being physically active stimulates his brain and he is able to concentrate better. At home and at school when he is at the table he is almost always standing. Teaching has come a long way, there used to be a time when they would not have allowed that. We know and arrange the environment in our classes to best accommodate the students and their needs. At home we should and need to know how our children learn best. Let us give our kid the best opportunity to succeed in their schooling by understanding how they learn best.


Great understanding and learning to you.



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